Listen to our quenas in action

Posted by Alexander Naula on

Below I would like to include a couple videos of a quena player that plays Angel Sampedro quenas.    If you have any questions please contact us in our Facebook page

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We bring the best quenas

Posted by Al Nau on

Most quenas are made in South America, most flute makers speak Spanish, and most do not process payments online. We bridge this gap so that you do not have to learn Spanish or send a money order. We eliminate the risk of miscommunication and becoming a victim of fraud. The quenas we offer are made by Angel Sampedro and Mauricio Vicencio. Angel lives in Argentina and has over 20 years of experience building quenas and other instruments. His quenas are the Lexus of quenas with beautiful finishes and contours. You will notice that Angel's quenas have innovative characteristics such as...

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