Quena Videos and Tracks

We are pleased to showcase videos and music tracks of our instruments in action. 

-Tu, Mi Delirio (a bolero song played using our quenas) by Matías Lourenço

- Sample of one of our Quenachos by Matías Lourenço

- Sirviñaco by Matías Lourenço .

Matias Lourenco is an Argentinian musician who uses our quenas for his live performances and in the recording studio.


We are pleased to showcase videos of Nayo Ulloa, a Peruvian quena virtuoso, playing our quenas. 

In this first video, Nayo plays two short songs; the first one is Virgenes del Sol and the second one is a Mexican tune.


In these next videos Nayo is testing the tunning our our quenas and playing long to high notes; including third octaves.


In this video Nayo plays third octaves.