Pine and Bamboo Professional Quena in G

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  • Pine Cone Inlay. Pine Bud (Araucaria) mouth piece. Bamboo body. Each quena is unique.

  • Special mouthpiece cut at angle for best acoustics. Open bottom hole.
  • Lacquered inside and outside to protect instrument.
  • Key in G at 440 Hz
  • Quena profesional, el cuerpo es de bambu, la embocadura de clavo de pino, y con una encrustacion de piñas de pino.
  • Total shipping time is 2-5 weeks.

This quena is handcrafted using the best bamboo (Pleioblastus simonii) and other woods. It is fine-tuned using electronic tuners to guarantee professional sound. The mouthpiece is cut at an angle to allow for the best acoustics. Instrument grade lacquer is used to protect the instrument. Mouthpiece This quena flute has an internal circumference of approximately 0.7 inches in order to obtain greater sonority for lower notes.

The mouthpiece is made of a very hard wood obtained from the buds of evergreen pines (Araucaria). Some of these buds are hundreds of years old. This wood is as hard as marble. The flute also has a beautiful inlay made of pinecones.

Flute maker Angel Sampedro del Rio lives in Argentina and has been making bamboo instruments since 1985. Angel has been a member and secretary of the Argentine Association of Instrument Makers and has won numerous awards. Throughout his career he has participated in a number of expos and has written articles and collaborated in acoustic instrument research.