Chromatic Bamboo Panpipe Zampoña Two Rows Beveled Tubes - Tubos Biselados

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This professional Zampoña panpipe features 40 or 30  tubes in two rows. It is made with Peruvian bamboo cane and assembled by flute maker Wayra Pucuna from Quito.
40 tube zampoñas will take 3-4 weeks to deliver.


The bamboo has been tempered and cured to guarantee durability. Attention to detail ensures a smooth playing experience. 

Bamboo has been treated with coconut and orange oil.
By David Bernstein
It’s good that you put oil in them because the cane should be dried but cane can be difficult to come by in other countries. .   
Now the reason, I bought three, and hopefully these are what I expect, is that most of the makers, all tune their zampona’s really low.  Really low, sometimes 50 or 60 cents and the upper tubes are usually extremely inaccurate.  As long as they are flat, you can retune them.  If they are sharp, it’s fire wood.   So that means, all the Andean Musicians in New York, basically fill their zampona’s with beans or lentils and they are really filled.  I have to spend 15 to 20 minutes at least tuning them and the upper ones are really difficult so they don’t go sharp.  If you do it before you play, you have to be careful not to turn it over or you have to do it again.  So tuning before you travel is almost useless.   And if you have 3 zampona’s that’s a lot of time.    So, the first thing I noticed, only playing 1/2 dozen tubes, is that they were very close to the note.  5 or 10 cents off.   This is perfect.  My friend played it and sounded almost in tune and he is good at blowing at the right press to bring it sharp or flat.  If it can save time before playing, to me that’s a big deal.  
2nd the tube sizes, they weren’t too big on the long tubes or too small on the upper tubes.   And thickness is excellent.   They might be the perfect size so you don’t have to blow your brains out.   These are good for recording as well as performance.   I happen to like the beveled edges.  I have one malta with the same edge.  Obviously, easier to blow and you can play with the tuning much more with the beveled edge.   And they respond to a soft breath.   
Obviously, you’re price is slightly below what others are charging.